Migrating from Netware 5.1 to Windows 2000 in NT 4.0 mode


Doreen Moller

Hi Everyone,

I need to migrate all my users, printers, login scripts,
etc. to Windows 2000 in NT 4.0 mode. My company is not yet
ready to go to AD. Can someone tell me what tool I need to
use to migrate my users, permissions, etc. Can Microsoft
Services for Netware 5.0 help me or should I be using
NWCONV. Any advice on tools, books, etc. would be greatly

Thanks so much


The best thing I've been able to find Doreen is the NetIQ Netware Migrator.
Even though it's no longer supported, it does support migration of accounts
and data from both NDS and 4.0 to Windows Nt 4.0 domains. I've found it a
good deal more helpful than nwconv (better reporting and functionality), and
since it's free it's worth taking a look.

Hope that helps.


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