Migrate NT 4.0 Printing to Win2k AD



What time and attention do I need to spend on my four
print servers during a migration from Windows NT 4.0 to
Windows 2000 Active Directory.

My four print servers are already running Windows 2000 as
operating systems. The print servers also have Windows
2000, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98 print drivers
installed for the clients to download that attach to these
servers for printing.

My primary and backup domain controllers are using Windows
NT 4.0 as operating systems and they will be upgraded to
Windows 2000 and Active Directory soon.

What time and attention will I need to take in regard to
my print servers? Will they just make the transition to
Active Directory by themselves without me needing to do

In other words, If I upgrade my PDC and BDC from Windows
NT 4.0 domain controllers to Windows 2000 and Active
Directory, will the four print servers that reside on four
different physical pieces of server hardware running
Windows 2000 operating systems make the transition to
Actice Directory sucessfully without me doing anything?

Richard Moreno


Yes, the servers will be unaffected.

Richard Moreno
MCSE NT4\2000, MCSA 2000

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no


Let me make sure I have expressed my question in a clear

After completing the migration to AD.... afterwards, all
users will be able to print without the need for our
Workstation group to visit our 1400 desktop users for
printing issues?

I understand that we are really only migrating or
converting the computer and user accounts on our current
NT 4.0 domain controllers, however, is it true that no
additional step is normally added during migration from NT
4.0 to Win2000 AD for seperate pieces of hardware used as
print servers and the desktop users will be able to
connect to the print servers and print the same as prior
to the migration from NT 4.0 to Win2K AD?

Richard Moreno

Yes, if in fact you are only doing an "in-place" upgrade of your existing
domain infrastructure then your member servers (print servers in this case)
will see no new difference in your domain name. Therefore your workstations,
having been members of the upgraded domain, will remain members and still be
able to connect.

If you have the opportunity, *always* implement AD in a lab environment 1st
to get a feel for it. Even if all you have is 2 servers and a client
workstation. That way not only do you have newsgroups to depend on but your
own eyes as well.

Richard Moreno
MCSE NT4\2000, MCSA 2000

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no

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