Microsoft Transceiver v 3.0 for Bluetooth (Problem/Need Drivers)



I just recently purchased the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 set and was
hoping to use its Bluetooth receiver for other devices I had.

When I installed all the Microsoft software I noticed that the device wasn't
listed under Bluetooth radios. I noticed that there was a hardware and
software mode for the device so I tried hardware and sure enough I got myself
a Bluetooth radio.

The weird part is I cannot find drivers for the receiver. The keyboard and
mouse still work fine but the device isn't installed correctly and has an
exclamation mark over it. When I try and update the drivers it locates
something and attempts to install.

Eventually it tells me to insert the disk that came with the receiver. After
inserting the disk and it tells me:

"Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device"

So basically, I can’t get drivers to install so I can use other devices
(like my Plantronics Bluetooth headset).

I am running Vista 32bit with all the latest updates. Right now, it just
looks like I need to either find another stack or drivers. I even tried
installing the Broadcom stack and it go to the very end of the installation
and told me my receiver didn’t match the software.

One other thing, I was looking in C:/Windows/Inf for the bth files (to try a
another stack) and there were none. In xp I thought I had bth files to mess
with. Maybe this is my problem but if so how do I get bth files?

Any help with this would be great!



Just got the file and it didn't help :(

Still get the exact same error. In the error message it states:

"The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry.
This may be because the INF was written for Windows 95 or later. Contact your
hardware vendor."

This makes be believe the maybe it is missing the bth.inf files.

Can anyone with Vista confirm whether or not the files are in C:/Windows/Ifn

Thanks again!

Cal Bear '66

Sorry the fix did not work.

Yes, I have bth.inf on my system (USB Bluetooth adapter and Bluetooth printer).
As a matter of fact, I have 5 copies (all the same size: 34kB -- didn't check
any details however).

I Bleed Blue and Gold


Awesome, that's exactly what I was missing. I dunno why I didn't have those
files in my Windows/Inf folder but pulled em off my other Vista computer and
everything is working great.

I was also update to the newest Widcomm drivers and for the first time ever
(under Vista) I actually have a working bluetooth headset.

Thanks for your help!

Cal Bear '66

The best news I've had today.

Glad you got fixed up and you're welcome.

I Bleed Blue and Gold

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