Microsoft "the beta version offered Wednesday is aimed at developers "


On the Bridge!

Broader release of IE 8 coming this summer
Microsoft's top browser executive says that the beta version offered
Wednesday is aimed at developers while the Beta 2 will be of interest to the
enthusiast crowd.

What people are REALLY saying about Vista:

50 Ways to leave your Vista....


You just format the drive , Clive
Get a New Mac , Jack
Y'don't need that crap toy, Roy
Just get yourself free
Boot from a *nix, Jix
You don't need to discuss much
Install XP, Lee
And get yourself free

Spanky deMonkey

Read it all here. On The Bridge Can Cut And Paste. Just FYI. Just Think,
if he cuts and pastes articles, he can post at least 30 times a minute.
Maybe even more.

Just FYI

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