Outlook Microsoft Outlook seems to send and receive emails but not actually doing so & loops

Apr 5, 2006
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I am using Microsoft outlook 2003. I have set up two POP3 emails set up so far. Everything was working fine, until yesterday when I noticed that my emails were always sitting in the Outbox although the status bar says, "Email Send and Receive Completed". Moreoever, I noticed on my mail server that new mails are coming in but Outlook does not download them. Whenever I hit the "Send/Receive" button, it seems to be downloading it and the status bar says, "Email Send and Receive Completed". I go to Edit my Email account and when I test the account settings, all the test seems fine.

Also, more recently, the outlook send/receive progress dialog window pops up and keeps on trying to send/receive messages. It seems to be looping.

Can anyone please help?


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