Microsoft Outlook 2003 Messages Stuck in Outbox


Plain Plow


We have an Exchange 2003 environment with this employee running Outlook
2003 on a Dell X300 laptop. Cached mode is on as well as RPC over
HTTP. Employee has Win XP SP2 but the problem was happening before the
service pack was installed.

At home when replying to a message either to fellow employees or to
outside contacts, an employee will type a mesaage, send and it
sometimes remains in the Outbox bold and italicized. Then she goes to
the Outbox, opens the message, highlights the entire message, and
pastes the contents in a new email and sends and then it goes. But
this also occurs when sending a new message - not just replying to a

This problem does not effect every email sent, only a few random ones
every once in a while. It doesn't seem to occur in the office, just
when she is at home. She has cable internet at home.

Would this be a problem with her profile? She is the only one in the
company who has this problem. Thank you very much.
Rejoice in the Lord always,


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