Microsoft Office Live Add-Inn


Bill Ridgeway

Microsoft Office Live Add-in adds a new toolbar in Office 2003. However,
unlike other toolbars, when it is unticked it insists on being present when
Excel (and Word) is re-opened.

Is there a way of getting rid of this other than uninstalling?


Bill Ridgeway

Shane Devenshire


You could write (or record) a macro that turns them off when you open the
file. I would turn the Macro Recorder on while the toolbars were visible and
then turn off the offending toolbar and turn the recorder off. I would add
that code to the Workbook_Open procedure:

Here is some sample code for the Workbook_Open procedure:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
myInfo = InputBox("Enter your ID")
If myInfo <> "" Then
'your code
End If
End Sub

This code goes into the thisWorkbook object in the VBE. Press Alt+F11,
double-click the thisWorkbook object, for your workbook, in the Project
explorer near the top left of the screen.

Bill Ridgeway

Thanks Shane. I was really looking to stop it returning once it was
unticked. Any more ideas?

Bill Ridgewy


I have the same question. It is frustrating that Microsoft would
program an add-in to behave this way. Adobe did a similar thing with
their Acrobat 7 add-in for Office, but you could still make toolbar
changes permanent by holding down Shift while clicking the File menu,
then selecting "Save All." Unfortunately this does not work with
Microsoft's own add-in. Anybody have other suggestions for permanently
hiding it without uninstalling it?


I'm with you. It should behave normal and stay off until turned back
on. I'm about to uninstall it myself. I hope I can figure out how
without messing anything else up. I would have kept it if I could
choose when and how to use it myself.


I am also with you all.

Microsoft is abusing its power (again) by making this toolbar willingly
impossible to remove.

Please Microsoft provide a solution to users before you get even more
complaints from your customers. Still there are a lot of users happy with the
standard office application, why should you insist in making them too sad?


Tools > Customize > Toolbars

Find the Live Add-In toolbar in the list and uncheck it. Now select
the same toolbar and click on the delete button. OK your way out. Exit
the program and restart.

What I'm still not sure is how I got infected with this foolishness.
It appeared on my laptop (Vista Home Premium) but so far not on my
desktop (WinXP Home).

Automatic update?


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