Microsoft Office Error messages


Karen Jones

Hi. I am having a lot of trouble getting help. I have
Windows 95 on my computer (yes, I know that I need an
upgrade and I'm ready to order one). Until about a week or
two ago, I had no problems opening up my Word and Excel
documents. Now, when I try (this one is Excel for example
but I will get the message for whatever I try to open)I get
this message:
Excel has caused an error in MSO95.DLL - Excel will now
close. If you continue to experience problems try
restarting your computer.

Then a box pops up that says:
Windows cannot find (name of document). You may have typed
the name incorrectly in the Run dialogor another program
cannot find a system file. To search for a file click on
the start button and then click on search.

Last, when I turn on my computer, or start it up or
whatever, I get the same message that I get for the
Microsoft programs except this one says "Findfast" has
caused an error....etc etc. I dont even know what findfast
is but I think that this may be the problem. I havent done
anything different to my computer lately to make it do

So I need to get the upgrade (and I need help desperately)
but my main question is: Am I going to be able to access
my files ever again? Everything I need are in my Microsoft
documents. Please e-mail me or call at 630-416-1355 after
6:00 p.m. central time.


Karen Jones



Jan Karel Pieterse


Findfast is part of Office. Seems all your Office programs
are somehow not working anymore.

You need to re-install Microsoft Office.


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel TA/MVP



Lisa Blais

I am frequently (all of a sudden) getting the same Excel
error message: "Excel has caused an error in MS09.DLL
Excel will now close. If you continue to experience
problems, try restarting your computer."

I have re-installed MS Office and it did not help. Do you
have any other suggestions?

Lisa Blais
(e-mail address removed)

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