Microsoft Messenger/Audio not heard on either end


Dave M

My microphone works fine except when using Microsoft Messenger. I can tap
on the mic and can tell it's working but my Messenger recpient cannot hear
my voice and I cannot hear theirs. A request for adio conversation is sent
and accepted on both ends. The video portion is fine. All settings seem to
be correct. Is their something else in the master volume control that needs
to be activated other than the mic? Dell Dimension 8300//Windows XP Home
Edition//Messenger 6.1


Why did you install msn messenger,that really is for msn explorer (a dial-up isp)
sure it "can work" w/o explorer but why screw with it,stick with windows messenge
4.7,its still the best.Then when youre thru,deleting and reinstalling,set-up an instan
message with youre other party(s) in windows messenger.

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