Microsoft Exel 2013 Conditional Formatting

Sep 22, 2013
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I'm in desperate need of help from someone who is a conditional formatting genius. I created this little excel doc to keep track of a couple of bills and in the one column is the due date and the second column is the date paid. I was trying to see if I could make the second column (PAID column) highlight in red if the date entered for when the bill was paid is past the due date but I got it to work for the first cell but then when I got tired of the tedious cell by cell I then decided hey maybe I can just do the whole column instead of one at a time and that's when my world fell apart. PLEASE HELP... I have no idea what I'm doing apparently. I'm going to try and attach the doc. so you can see what I'm talking about. Okay I just tried and it didn't work can you just send me your email address and i'll send it to you if you don't understand what i'm saying.

Thank you so much in advance...Please keep in mind I'm an idiot so you'll have to spell your response out LOL.....

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