Microsoft Access Date Calculation

Apr 22, 2011
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I am a bit of newbie to Microsoft Access but I am trying to put together a form that autocalculates some dates.

We have various dates that play off of each other. I have a "received" date and an "earnest money due by" date. I need the Earnest money date to always be 3 business days after the received date.

Then I have an "acceptance" date, an "expiration" date and a "warning" date. We also have a "life" field that gives you the choice to put 20, 45 or 60 days. The formula I need for this one will take the acceptance date and add the "life" days to it and display the answer as the expiration date. But the expiration date can't fall on a weekend. So if it is a Saturday or a Sunday I need it to back the expiration date up to the prior Friday.

Then I need the "Warning" date to be 15 calendar days before the "expiration date" again, not falling on a weekend.

I have tried various different formulas I have found online but I am really struggling to get it just right. Can one of you with minds immeasurably superior to mine help me out?


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