meta tag generator



Using Submit Express. Asked that I complete their Meta Tags Generator. I did
and now they've asked me to cut and past the section on top of my HTML page
in text editor and replace the section from <HTML>to<HEAD>. I was unsure
what they wanted me to do, I called, but they are not familiar with Frontpage
(they use dreamweaver) and suggested I call Microsoft. This is my first
website, it is online and working fine. I just need to complete the meta tag
portion so search engines will know what keywords to use. Can anyone help?
Please Betsy



Andrew Murray

Paste their code into the head section of your code.

The meta tags look like <meta http-equiv......>
and they reside between the <head> and </head> tags

what that site is saying is they've generated replacement code for the
entire "head" section

i.e. <html>

and the above is what they're saying to cut and paste into your code to
replace it.

Go to the "code view" in Frontpage, to the top of the screen and you'll see
that code (or similar) above.

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