Messenger Pop ups



(e-mail address removed) said:
I have been getting these pop ups Even when not online.
Is there any truth to what they say. I dont know if its
something I downloaded or What. Thank you

If these are "Messenger" pop-ups, they can be banished by enabling the XP
built-in firewall (which should be done anyway). See HELP & SUPPORT for
easy instructions.

If this is a program that has been inadvertently installed on your PC,
running ADAware may enable its removal.
Read the instructions, download, install and run the program. The basic
utility is free.

If the pop-ups are site-related - the page that is being visited - then a
pop-up blocker may help. Search for "ad blocker".
Or install and use the new-generation NetScape "streamline Navigator only"
browser from It will selectively block
pop-ups and images, and is much more customizable then I.E. For more...
sis the newgroup.

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