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I have a custom form that has been working fine with outlook 2002-2003, but
since upgrading users to 2007, the form's functionality works as always but
when it is forwarded, the message text disappears. The person who originally
gets the form can see the message, but subsequent forward(s) cause the
message text to disappear completely.

A work around for this problem seems to be:
1) Set Outlooks Options-Trust Center-EMail Security-Read as Plain Text.
2) When forwarding the e-mail form, select option for that e-mail back to HTML

Reading Sue Mosher's earlier post, the form for the forward action is set to
the custom form but still the same problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

I haven't seen any reports of anything similar. Where is the form published? Is your mail environment Exchange or POP3/IMAP4?

On the machine for a person who has received and forwarded an item using this form, look in their Sent Items folder. Do you see the message text in the forwarded item?


We are using Exchange 2003 and it is on domain, the form is published in the
Organization forms library. Looking in the sent items folder of the person
who (forwarded the message), when you view the form, it does not show the
text that was typed and sent. The person who recieved the (original form) is
the only place where the message text shows up, once they forward it on, all
text goes missing.

I have simulated this out in another (Exchange) environment and do not have
any problems with the form. This leads me to believe it is a security issue
on our domain that is preventing the form from rendering the HTML message
body. When you view-source, the body text has been replaced with a single

Any suggestions??


Yes, our organization recently upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007.

When I forward this form, I can select OPTIONS-(plain text), I get the
(Microsoft Office Compatibility Checker) pop us saying that "Formatted text
will become plain text", and I then re-select HTML, then the message body
will forward normally.

Any suggestion/direction would be greatly appreciated.


I've found something interesting with this problem, If (While Forwarding) I
click "Save" and then send the form, it retains it's message text. This has
got to be a security/Trusted Location issue. Where does Outlook save the
message when "Save" is clicked? It is locally or on the Exchange Server?


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