Merging Two Forest into One


Frank A, Zanotti

Hi All,
This is the second part of a question that I didn't ask yesterday, it
has to do with the merging of two forest. Scenario: and,
both are separate forest abc bought xyz now they want to merge and xyz
doesn't want to change there name i.e. to something else. I
understand that I can create a separate name space in the forest for
example and use the ADMT to migrate all the accounts and resources
from the forest and then everything will be in the same forest, but
my question here is can I keep the same name and if I can how do I
do this.

Thanks in Advance
Frank A, Zanotti
(e-mail address removed)
P.S Thanks Matjaz Ladava for helping me with the first part.

Matjaz Ladava [MVP]

You can create additional tree in the forest called The
problem will be with the DNS servers, which will host the same domain on
different DNS servers (in new domain and in old domain).
One way would be to migrate (ADMT) existing users from to
forest (to separate OU), create additional UPN suffix in
forest, to that users will retain their UPN. After migration is
completed, you can create new tree called and migrate users there
(using movetree command).
How many user accounts are you migrating from forest ?


Matjaz Ladava, MCSE (NT4 & 2000), Windows MVP
(e-mail address removed)

Frank A, Zanotti

About 1200 user accounts, I'm going to try this in the lab. I really
appreciate all your help, its so helpful.
Frank A, Zanotti
(e-mail address removed)

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