merging csv files



good morning, this is maybe not the right section to post this question, but
anyway, this is my problem, every month I receive about 150 separate csv
files and each csv file has header information, I'm trying to find a way to
merge all these files into one single csv file!, when merging all files
together would like to be able to remove the header information of all csv
files. I really have no idea how to accomplish this, if anyone could give my
directions I would be nost gratefull.

Thanks and have a nice day....


Allen Browne

If you need to strip out some header rows, and you are familiar with VBA
code, you could Open the file and another one for output, Input Line to read
line by line, and Print # to output the other rows to another file. See help
on those keywords for details.

If the header row just contains the column headings, it might be easiest to
use Dir() to loop through *.csv in the appropriate folder, and use the
TransferText method to import them into your table. You can set up an
import/export spec if needed, and can specify that the first row contains
the header info.

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