merge an ole object to word




A couple of Years ago (access 2000 and 2003) I struggled with this one
without finding any good solution. Now I post it here to see if anyone of You
have some ideas.

When writing a letter in word, it is convenient to pick up names, adresses
etc. from access using mail merge. I have also a picture attached to each
post in the table / form (OLE) that I want word to pick up and view together
with name, adress etc., when I use the mail merge function.

Have anyone of You out there suggestions?

I know that there are some work aorund ways to solve this in access.
1) I can write my letter as a label in the report, but then You have to
struggle with formatting etc.
2) There is also a possibility of connecting a field (ex. text box from a
form) to word and write the letter in word from there, but then You willl
have a number of equal word files corresponding to the actual number of acces
posts that otherwise would just be merged.

I have also received a number of codes / strings to put into the word
document, but all have failed.

It might be that someone wonders why I want to do this. It would take to
much place to explain here, but I can answer this question in an email
response if somenone wants to know all about it.

My main question is: Can it be done? If it can be done, then how can it be

Best regards
Børge Sandal


Hello Borge,

I noticed that nobody answered. Nor is this an answer, but a few thoughts

Regarding using OLE field to store pictures in Access:

For Access 2003 and older it is always a bad idea
For Access 2007 it may or may not be a bad idea

The alternative is to store the pictures as separate files, and use code to
display them in forms and reports.

Not sure what you meant by "label" but one ide is to write the letter as an
Access report. No page or report headers/footers, write the letter in the
details section, and put a page break after the content.

Or, if you want to use Wor, you might have better luck posing in a Word

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