mending corrupt outlook due to excessive emails



I was sent 1000's of spam emails and have encountered a seemingly corrupt
system as a result. Have tried uninstallnig and reinstalling both outlook and
office small business, and it does not make a difference. Strangely - despite
rebooting after install, when reinstalled, outlook when opening had previous
emails and contacts there without needing to import them. As soon as it tries
to collect emails, it encounters a probelm and has to be shut down.



Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

We need to know the Details. When you get an "Illegal Operation" or
"encountered a problem" message, there's usually a "Details" button or a
"click here" link to see the error report. When you click the button/link,
it will show a message like: XXXX caused an error in YYYY and a bunch of
register nonsense or it will list the Appname XXXX and Modname YYYY. The
XXXX and YYYY are important to identify the cause and solution. You can
ignore the rest of the message.

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