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Tom & Saundrah Venne

I execute a query to populate a combo box. When the user selects one of the
entries in the combo box, four text boxes are populated from the selection.
One of the text boxes is populated from a memo type field. Needless to say,
the memo field is truncated at 256 characters. I know this is a limitation
of Access, but has anyone found a work around.

Thanks in advance.

Ken Snell [MVP]

You don't tell us what the query is doing, which field in the query is the
source of the data for the textbox, how you're writing the value in that
textbox, etc.

If you bind a memo field to a textbox, or use the DLookup function to get
the value, you should not get truncation.

If you use the memo field in an expression in the query (calculated field),
you'll get truncation.

If you do a "GROUP BY" on the memo field, you'll get truncation.

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