media with threading


amin tavakoli

thanks very mush of reply
i want play much movi and sound
but i dont now form PROGRAM
for example i definition thread

using System.Threading;
using System.Media;

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
ThreadStart ts = new ThreadStart(play);
Thread t = new Thread(ts);

public static void play();
[email protected]"f:\3.wav";; [ this line dont accept .play() error]

switch (textBox1.Text)
case sunday:
playSound("f:\1.wav"); [ this line dont accept ]
case satday:



Peter Duniho

this program have error very mush

Yes, if that's exactly the code you're trying to compile, it certainly
would have a large number of errors. Even if you fixed the syntax errors,
it appears to have a variety of logical errors as well.
this all job that i want PAY
i am not professional programer
and i need someone guide me
aqain thanks of reply my question

All due respect, it seems to me you have two choices here: pay a trained
programmer to write your code, or spend a year or so learning to program
well enough to do it yourself.

The code you posted is so far removed from what a correct solution would
look like that there's no practical way for volunteer help to effectively
and efficiently help you solve your problem.


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