Maxtor hard disk failure

Oct 16, 2005
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I have (had) a 2 drive raid (mirror) with 2 maxtor diamondmax plus 8's (40 gig)

The raid failed. The computer announced that one of the hard disks failed. I figured out which one. It clicks. I determined that the other one worked (for a short period of time). The one that worked was readable, I used it to boot. It booted up and ran fine (outside of raid, different controller). I prepared to copy it using norton ghost. It stopped durring the copying. It is now a failed hard drive as well.
The bios identifies the hard drive, but clearly states that it is a failed hard drive.

Could the first bad hard drive have corrupted the other one?

Would the first bad hard drive have a good controller (and thus firmware) that I can use on the second?

Am I just needing to find a data recovery company?

Not giving up just yet.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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