Max to min for dates




If I have a list of names, codes and dates such as; (can be in any order)

A FRED 15/3/09 06:00
B BILL 16/3/09 07:00
A BEN 18/3/09 04:00
D DAVE 18/3/09 06:00
A ED 18/3/09 02:00
B WIL 15/3/09 01:00

From this I would like to rank the dates min to max for one category so that
my outputs would be arranged with the lowest date and time first for each
category, stretching up to the longest date and time at the end.


FRED 15/3/09 06:00
ED 18/3/09 02:00
BEN 18/3/09 04:00

WIL 15/3/09 01:00
BILL 16/3/09 07:00

Any thoughts on how best to do this?

Ashish Mathur


In a separate column use the formula A2&C2 and copy down. Now sort on this
new column (in ascending order).


Ashish Mathur
Microsoft Excel MVP

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