Matrixprinter wait 5 seconds just bevore end of printjob



I have a dos based program. It prints on a matrix printer. When I us
win95 or win98 it prints whole page in one time. Now I have win2000 an
printing stops just bevore page is finnished. So the last lines are no
printed, and I have to wait between 5 en 10 seconds bevore printer i

Dos based program uses NO printer driver. So No printer is installed i
win2000. I think it prints direct to lpt1: If I install "text onely
printer and uses this same is happening. If I switch printque to 'star
printing after whole job is done' printing of the starts after 10-1
seconds but then it print whole page in one time.

So whay is it waiting to print the last view lines??

Is there a posibility to make printin priority higher in win2000?

P.S. I cant chane printimg paper (12" triplo), printer (oki 190), and
cant wait 5 seconds. this al is about the function of this system wit
al kinds of specials. I can go back to win98 but we want to upgrad
becorse win98 is becoming too old now


Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

You need to change the DOS LPT_timeout value in the DOS translation layer of
Windows 2000. In Win98 there is not a translation layer.;en-us;102059
Registry Entries for NT Virtual DOS Machine (VDM):

- LPT_Timeout: This is used by MS-DOS-based applications. There is no
specific call to tell MS-DOS that the print job has
completed. Under Windows NT (which spools print jobs),
it is important to close the print job for printing to
start. NT VDMs uses this timeout value to detect no
printing activity before closing the print job handle.
The default value is 15 seconds.;en-us;Q101850
MS-DOS Application Prints Incomplete Pages

The default value is 15 seconds.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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