Matching like items



In columns “A-E†I have information about invoices
Column “D†is the invoice number ( invoice number would only be referenced
once and will not be in numerical order as they are sorted by policy number)

In columns “P-U†I have information about checks received
In column “T†it references the invoice number that the check was paying
The invoice number may be referenced more that once as the payment for an
invoice could have come from multiple checks. The checks are in date order
received .
What I would like to do is somehow reference the invoices that match from
column “D†to the invoices in column “T†(or visa versa).

Here is what I was thinking it would look like. But any suggestions you
have will be greatly appreciated. I wasn't sure if I would have to number
all the invoices in col D even if they did not have a match in col T.

2693999 1 Coa2098009
2658165 2 2693999 1
2658166 3 2669440 4
2669440 4 2669440 4
2686287 5 2706379 6
2706379 6 2658166 3

Thanks for all your help

Jacob Skaria

May be in Col U cell U1 try the below formula; which will return 'Match' if
the invoice number is present in ColD,,,,



That did show which ones had a match but I don't think I explained it very
well. In col E I numbered the invoices. If col T has a match in Col D,
then I would like for it to put in col U the corresponding number from Col E
for that invoice
Thank you

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