Matching Information in 2 Tables



I have 2 tables on the same worksheet. One is for Sales and the second is
for Cost. The common column in both tables is the Sales Invoice Number
column. The tables run into thousand of rows. Both the tables are sorted as
per Sales Invoice Number columns.

Task Information
Cost for certain Sales are missing.

To find Sales Invoice Details which have missing Cost information.

Current Process
Cut and Paste Cost Table information to match Sales Table based on Invoice
Number column. This process takes weeks to complete one worksheet.

Is there any formula or optional process which can make this task easy.

Since it's a critical report for the management, still I cannot continue to
do in this manner. I might soon loose my eye sight. I am constantly having
headaches. If I don't get a solution, I might consider to resign rather than
continue doing in this manner. Help me guys. Will appreciate from the depth
of my heart.





I believe I am having to read between the lines.

Are you saying that you have total invoice sales amount in one table and the
other is missing the total cost for the corresponding invoice? That seems
too simple. Or,

Are you saying you have one table with Sales by invoice which includes each
line item of product or service on those invoices, and another table which
includes the invoice number but may or may not show the cost of the product
or even be missing certain of the invoices and/or the product? What do you
do after you determine a cost is missing? On face value this doesn't sound
too difficult but I may be missing something. Have you tried
sorting/subsorting and using vlookup? Is your data consistent as far as
invoice and product numbers, e.g.? Please send more detail or clarify.

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