Matching Data between 2 Tabs on Same Workbook - then calculating



I am a total newbie with this stuff so I am hoping someone has the
patience to assist me.

I have a workbook with 2 tabs:
Tab 1 is called Historical. Historical has 2 columns. Column A1 is
"Date" and Column B1 is "ZAR to USD." Historical has a Date (MM/DD/YY)
in cell A2 and a number value in B2. The data from both columns go
down to row 111.

Tab 2 is called Services. Services has 4 columns. Column A1 is "CPT"
Column B1 is DOS, Column C1 is "ZAR" and Column D1 is "USD." The
Services tab has a 5 digit number in A2, a Date (MM/DD/YY) in B2 and a
currency value in C2 (i.e. 214.32).

I am trying to figure out how to put a formula or function (not sure
what it should be) on the Services Tab 2 in cell D2 that will take the
Date from Services Tab 2 in cell B2, match it to the same Date from
Historical Tab 1 in cell A2, then take the corresponding number value
from Historical Tab 1 in cell B2 (that matches the dates exactly), and
multiply it by the currency value from Services Tab 2 in Cell C2 with
the result being displayed on the Services Tab 2 in cell D2 called

I appreciate any help!




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