Master Pages & relative/absolute positioning?


Fred Nelson


I'm working on one of my first web applications in 2.0 and I'm
having a problem with absolute versus relative positioning of controls
that I place on pages that use master pages with Content Place Holders.

The controls placed in a content area with absolute or relative
positioning can easily "drift" beyond my Content Place Holder.

I'm trying to put a "footer" on every page of the site and this is
creating a problem for me. I've tried using two content place holders -
one for the content and one just for the footer - and this doen't work

Is there a way to solve this? Is there a way to make a content area
"expand" to enclose all its content?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!



Christopher Reed

Ignore the positioning to start with and set your controls into their
respective files (master and content). Then, using the source from the
browser, identify the rendered controls that are merged from the HTML. This
should give you a starting point for creating CSS classes. As you add these
classes, keep using the browser source to make sure that the classes are
going where you think they should be going.

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