Master Document and subdocument different page sizes



I have a set of files that need to be setup for two different sheet sizes.
The content and formating is the exact same. The information needs to print
to Letter and the other is for 22"x17" pdf (I know, I know).

The Letter format has a page break after each subdocument while the 22"x17"
pdf should run with the content continuously flowing across three columns on
the page. I know I can Insert>Object>Text from File, but I lose the link to
live information as it changes on a constant basis and the files are edited
by multiple people.

I have been able to create a Master Document, with columns, that is 22"x17"
and link in the subdocuments; however, I have no control over the page size
of the linked subdocuments, they all still show as Letter paper sizes. I
notice that size is greyed out when scrolling through the pages.

All that said, finally, the question - is there a way to modify the page
size of the subdocument within the Master Document?

Thanks in advance for any assistance...


I am good, now. I used the IncludeText field to do exactly what I needed to
do. I will likely try that in the future before Master/subdocuments. Funny
thing is I saw that advice given sooo many times and it didn't register. But
I'm good now.

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