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João Santa Bárbara

Hi all
i have a create a relation between two tables, and both of then have
Autonumbers ( Sql ), since i have the Datarelation, i create a new record in
the master table, and a few in the detail table. so far so good all work as
i expected. ( when i create de details rows , all then have the key for the
relation )

but when i do the update using my sqldataadapter like this

i = Me.DataAdapterTipoDetalhes.Update(TabelaDetalhes)

the second dataadapter doesnt update,
so i have try the TabelaDetalhes.GetChanges and it returns nothing. but
before i update the master table it returns the new rows ??
anyone can assist me ???

PS in my opinion, the problem is when i update the master table the second
changes the state of all rows that i have inserted.


Hi Joao

The state of the changes in a dataset is done by

Maybe you do that to early


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