Master data seen on 3 tabs.



I have a long list of people by location, Fname, Lname, age:
Ohio, Tom, Smith, 12
Indiana, John, Johnson, 5
Ohio, Erica, Thompson, 40
Arizona, James, Simpson, 24

The list is currently in excel and I am frequently adding people to
the list and would like to keep the master list while being able to
see each location on a separate tab. So I want an Ohio tab, an Indiana
tab, and a Arizona tab.

Is there an equation or other way so I only have to add this
information to the master tab and can automatically see it reflected
in the state tab. I am trying to avoid doing double entry workand
using Access. Each state tab has a slightly different format so using
the filter won't work and I also need the master list.

Thanks in advance for the solution.



Dave Peterson

Keep your data in one worksheet.

Then use data|filter|autofilter to see the states that you want.

But if you really, really must. Keep the data in one worksheet and refresh the
states worksheets whenever you need (not while doing input--just run the macro
when you're ready).

Ron de Bruin's EasyFilter addin:

Code from Debra Dalgleish's site:

Create New Sheets from Filtered List -- uses an Advanced Filter to create
separate sheet of orders for each sales rep visible in a filtered list; macro
automates the filter. AdvFilterRepFiltered.xls 35 kb

Update Sheets from Master -- uses an Advanced Filter to send data from
Master sheet to individual worksheets -- replaces old data with current.
AdvFilterCity.xls 55 kb

If you're new to macros, you may want to read David McRitchie's intro at:




Perhaps an alternative play using a non-array formulas set-up ..

Take this sample construct from my archives:
AutoCopy Lines to Resp Sht Non Array.xls
(Full details inside, nicely rendered. Easy to adapt ..)

Data is continuously entered in a master ("parent") sheet, with lines neatly
auto-copied to each individual ("child") sheet based on the values within a
key col.

In the sample, the key col in the master sheet is the "State" col, which may
contain eg: NY, CA, NV, SD, AZ, etc. All lines with "NY" in the key col will
be auto-copied to the sheet named: NY, and appear neatly bunched at the top,
w/o any intervening blank lines. Ditto for lines with "CA", "NV", etc which
will be copied into their respective sheets.

Propagation of the "child" sheet is as simple as making a copy of the
initial one, then renaming it accordingly as the next key col value. Eg we
first formulate one child sheet for "NY", dress it up nicely, then just make
copies of the "NY" sheet, and rename these as: CA, NV, SD, etc.

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