Marked citations



I accidentally inserted a marked citation to one of my word documents
yesterday and now every word document i have shows new paragraph symbols all
over the pages as well as page breaks and lines. It also appears in new
documents that I try to start. How do I get rid of this?
Apr 20, 2010
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In 2007 Home ribbon/Paragraph group/Paragraph symbol toggles this type of display on & off in an individual document.

If it seems to have become the default then Office button/Word Options/Display lets you choose which formatting marks show.

Can't remember for certain how it was in older versions ('cos I hate the things so never went from the default setting of off) but suspect it was through one of the View menus.


Stefan Blom

To hide nonprinting marks, click the ¶ button on the Home tab (Word 2007) or on
the Standard toolbar (Word 97-2003). Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+8

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