Margins Set Outside Printable Area of Page



When I try to print from Windows XP Pro using Office 2002
to an HP 4500N Color Printer I frequently get the error
message: [ The Margins of Section <n> Are Set Outside the
Printable Area of the Page. Do you want to continue?]
when all 4 margins are set to 1 inch. Microsoft
Knowledge Base Article Q=314568 addresses the problem but
it insists on setting the bottom margin to 2.67 inches.
The printer clearly does not need that large a margin and
obviously that is not a fix. Any ideas or suggestions
will be greatly appreciated.

Jim Johns

Only a big guess, BUT do you have any settings in cm or mm
anywhere and it is reading the 2.67 as mm or such.
Jun 2, 2011
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Goto to File>page setup>paper size...and select "letter"

For some reason another size has been selected and that causes the margin error.:lol:

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