Mapping to a netware server from AD



Hi All,

I have a mixed environment and I have a group that is going to be seperate
from the office and are going to just run on Win2003 server however, they are
going to need to map a drive to a couple of Netware 6 servers and I would
like to know if that can be done from within AD or do I have to do that from
the worksatation. I'm not sure if I can make a login script to do this and
if I can I need to know the correct syntax. If anyone can help it would be
greatly appreeciated. Thanks.



There is Client Services for Novell build into w2k server and also w2k3 I
believe, this will allow users to communicate with a Novell server (by the
way a far better network OS then Microsofts') ADD this in the 'Local Area
Connections Properties' select your Tree and Context (a user with rights to
the Novell server) you may need to restart the windows server and the 'new'
Novell server should become visible in 'Entire Network' with obviously only
the rights available for the user.


(BTW I got this from 'Mastering Windows Server 2003', Mark Minasi, Sybex
page 1661-)

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