Has anyone ever mapped their keyboard through the
registry. I need to map the (+) key on the numeric keypad
to be a tab key.

I have read the documentation on the keyboard scan code
specs and I have modified the registry and added a
Scancode Map value of
"0000000000000000020000006A002B0000000000". Then rebooted
but no luck. the key 106 (0x006A) has been replaced by
the key 43 (0x002B).

I did it again and using the specs given also did this for
key 107 as 107 make up the (+) key on the numeric pad.

any ideas?


Thankyou, I will try that when I get into work tomorrow.
Somehow I also managed to lose my \ key at work, in this
process. I will check out the code shortcut you gave me.

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