mapping drives



I need to map a drive to a remote server. This involves
using a different connect as: login and password than what
is logged into on the local machine. Does anyone know how
to make this persistent so that I do not need to enter the
password any time the machine is logged into? I'm logging
from a somewhat isolated network within our corporate
network, out to a share on the corporate network.

I've checked the net use command and it doesn't seem to do
it. I also tried the Connect as a different user and
reconnect at login when mapping the drive, but it asks for
a password when reconnecting.
I'm using Windows 2000 on both ends.

Brian Oakes [MSFT]

you could create a batch file to run on startup.

net use * \\server\share /u:domain\username password /p:no

/p is for persistent, and we are saying no. :)


Brian Oakes

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