many contacts just disappeared - Outlook 2003 sp3


Jan J

I use Outlook 2003 and consider myself pretty knowledgeable. I recently
noticed a few Contacts were missing that I'm certain I did not delete. Then
I began to notice that other Contacts had disappeared so I started looking at
the entire folder. By the time I got done counting, I found that 31 contacts
had disappeared. These Contacts had nothing in common (except being in the
same folder) that might explain their disappearance.
I looked in an older PST file (a month old) and found every single contact
was there. So I know this happened in the past month.
On a perhaps related quote, is there a maintenance routine I should
periodically run to keep my Outlook healthy? My database was not corrupt as
far as I'm aware, it worked just fine, except that 31 contacts vanished into
thin air.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

So far, you are the only person who is reporting the random disappearance of
Contacts from Outlook for no reason. It is not one of Outlook's features
Provide steps to repro your problem. There is more to your story than you
have told.

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