Managing XML Configuration file



OK, so I have a VS.NET VB project that will use an XML file to specify
some configuration properties. The original file is a member of the
project and resides in the project's main folder. Now, when the
application is implemented with a VS setup project, this file will live
in the application folder, c:\program files\MyApplication. So I use an
Application.StartupPath property to locate the file. Now, during
development and testing, the application will be run from either the
bin\Debug folder or the bin\Release folder, so there needs to be copies
of the XML file in those locations. What if you make a change to the
original file's structure? Is there some automatic way this change can
be reflected in the two bin subfolder copies? Sometimes I forget to
copy the file down to the bin folders after making a change and it
naturally causes problems.




You can set your Working Directory in the Debug options for the project to
where the XML file resides. (Delete all duplicate versions).

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