Making first column number in order



I am very unfamiliar with Excel or databases in general. My first column/row
is numbered by Excel. However, when I delete fields, the numbers don't move
up to account for that. So let's say my first row has a 1 in front of it.
After I delete fields/rows 2-6, Excel shows that column as 1, then the next
number is 7. I am probably not using the correct terminology here, but
basically, after I delete fields, I cannot look at the last number to see how
many I have. I have to manually count them. I'm sure there's a simple button
to push to fix it, but I haven't found it.
Thanks! Terry

Bernard Liengme

Here is a simple fix
I will assume you have numbers like 1,2,3,.. in column A
(Columns run down the worksheet and are referenced by letters A, B while
rows run across and are referenced by numbers 1,2,3)
Suppose you delete the row with number 7: you data now reads ....5, 6, 8, 9
Use the mouse to highlight the numbers 5 and 6 (the last two 'good' numbers)
Note the borders around the two cells; note also the bottom right corner has
a small black box (called the file handle)
Move the move over the fill handle - the mouse pointer will change from a
white + to a thin black cross
EITHER When you see this thin +, double click and the number will
automatically adjust
OR Drag the fill handle down the column to the last entry
best wishes

Roger Govier

Hi terry

the physical row number, that you see down the far left of the sheet
does alter.
If you delete rows 2:7, then the numbering remains as 1, 2 etc and the
row number of the last entry is the total number of "records" that have,
including your header row.

However, if you are entering 1, 2, 3 etc in column A yourself, then
deleting whole rows, the numbering will not adjust, and will leave gaps
as you say.
You can overcome this by not typing the number itself, but entering
=Row() in A1 and filling down.
What will be displayed is the row number, which will self adjust if you
delete any rows.

To prevent numbers appearing all down the column, I usually enter a
formula in A2 such as
and copy down as far as I wish
Then as soon as I fill information in column B, the next row gets
numbered automatically.

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