Making a public, but half protected folder


Toni Van Remortel

Hi all,

In current situation, we have a shared folder, which is accessible by the
users in a dedicated group for it. Every user in that group can
read/write/delete files and folders in the share.
One exception is that one folder should contain data that can only be
changed/deleted by the owner of it (and not everybody of the group).
I haven't found a setting to allow this, only to deny modification for the
entire group.

So, how can I set this kind of 'personal protection' on a folder's

PS: Google couldn't help me, perhaps due to wrong searches.

Toni Van Remortel
Network Administrator.

Toni Van Remortel

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:21:10 -0800, tsmith wrote:
Use the creater/owner group with change permissions and everyone else
read permissions.

Splendid. I was seeking for the wrong group (CREATOR OWNER is the one I
need). It works perfect.

Thank you.

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