Make first imported CSV row into column names ?




Is there a way to make the column names in the first row replace the
A,B,C... in the excel tabs?

I am importing a CSV with the col names in the 1st row. It would be
nice to be able to make the ABCDE... into the corresponding col names
from the csv first row, then delete the first row as it is not really
data but I guess it could be called meta-data.

Can this be done during the import process, or easily in one swoop
after the import?


Is the best practice to make the first row unchangeable and not part
of the data that can be manipulated in the sheet? - seems that would
serve same purpose as what I'm asking above.


Gord Dibben

You cannot change/overwrite the Column headers A, B, C etc.

You can hide them but this also hides row headers.

Best is to Freeze Panes so row 1 with your titles stays in view at
all times..........where you find that command depends upon your
version of Excel.

You don't say so I'll assume 2003 or 2007

2003.............Select A2 then Window>Freeze Panes

2007.............View>Freeze Panes>Freeze Top Row



Best is to  Freeze Panes

This worked, thanks.

Is there a way to start the row numbers at the left from 0 instead of

I could start this question in a new thread if necessary.

I want the 1st row of actual data to be 1 not 2, that's why I ask.


Gord Dibben

Row numbers are fixed and cannot be changed...........same rulles as
column letters.

For appearance only you can hide the row headers, which will also hide
column headers.

In A2 enter =ROW()-1 and copy down as far as you wish.

UnFreeze Panes then select B2 and re-freeze panes.

NOTE: I state "appearance only".

Any other use of those numbers could cause confusion.

Any formulas created would have to account for the mis-labeled rows.


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