Make Excel default to certain worksheet on startup



Just wondering if there is a way to force excel to display a certain
worksheet upon opening a document regardless of which worksheet was
viewed last.

I have a document with about 75 different worksheets and have made a
"home sheet" that has links to all the others. I would like excel to
always go to this "home Sheet" when I first open the document.

Is there an easy way to set this?



Good evening Matpoh

There is, but you are going to have to use macros to do so, but heres
what you do. Open your file in Excel with no other files open. Right
click on any tab and select View Code. In the sindow that opens double
click on ThisWorkbook (should be in the top lefthand pane). In the
blank window that opens copy this code:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets("home Sheet").Select
End Sub

Close this window to return to Excel and save your file. Next time you
open the file it will open on your front sheet. However on opening the
file you will be asked if you want to run the macros. Obviously you
have to select yes.


Jan 27, 2015
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Dear DominicB,

Such a good response to the questions. Surprisingly I found the answer to the same question in this forum.

Thanks DomonicB:thumb:

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