Main/subform and data entry



I have a mainform that contains student info like stud name, age, and so on.
I'd like to create a new subform with the recordsource is the table DormInfo
that links to the mainform by DormID. A user will enter the student name and
then go down to input the dorm info.
My question is how can I make this subform to display data that are already
in the table AND also allow the user to input new data that are not there?
Thank you for your help in advance.

karl dewey

You have it reversed. Form/subforms are for one-to-many relationships. One
student (your main form) will not have many dorm rooms (your subform).

Other the other hand a dorm can have many students.

Now again a form for student can use student table joined to dorm table to
indicate what room they occupy without using a subform.

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