Main differences between PIGMENTED black and DYE black?



I recently refilled a HP #58 photo cartridge, and the kit I purchased, from
Sams club, had CMY PM PC and K colors, the only 2 that were specifically
designated PHOTO colors were the Photo Cyan and Photo Magenta. The black (K)
was just- BLACK. So from what I understand, since its compatible with lots
of other types of printer carts, I'm assuming its a DYE based black, which
is pretty much what "photo black" is?

As I understand it, the HP #56 requires PIGMENTED black? However, when I
refilled my #56 I used this same ink. The results don't seem to be any
different than what I saw from the original ink in the cart- But I'm not
100% sure honestly.

So if the #56 (black) cart is supposed to be filled with Pigmented black
(which I can not find locally, I'll have to order online), and the photo #58
cart is supposed to have Photo black (dye based ink, which I guess is what I
have that came in the kits), what is the main difference? I know the
Pigmented blacks are much higher from the prices I've seen from online
vendors, but I don't know what the difference is.

Thanks again


I've used pigmented black refilling a recent HP printer with identical
results to OEM, but I remember with an older HP I had a similar sourcing
problem you have now.

I ordered black ink for the 'text' cartridge, a #45, and the results I got
looked just like my older Epson with its dye black, so I presumed they were
selling dye ink as equivalent to OEM which it clearly wasn't, with dark grey
text that leeched into cheap photocopy paper giving a spidery effect. Once
I got some guaranteed pigmented ink text became perfect again, the ink is
jet black and sits on top of the paper without leeching into fibres. I've
carried on using this same ink with #56 cartridges.

I wonder if you can't tell the difference in quality because your cartridge
still had a lot of OEM ink still in it when you refilled it. Results will
vary with paper quality, the pigmented ink will work much better with poor
paper than dye ink. If you're using quality plain inkjet paper dye ink may
look quite good, the problem is that price isn't much of a guide in this,
but generally speaking I've found that photocopy paper with no pretensions
of inkjet compatibility gives a spidery grey effect with dye ink, but not
with pigmented.

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