Mail Merge Word 2007


Noel S Pamfree

In the past I have never had any real problems with Mail Merge in previous
versions but with 2007 I am really frustrated.

If anyone can answer these three questions I will be eternally grateful:

1) I have worked my way using the Mail Merge Wizard to print some envelopes
from my Access database. When I get to the end and click the link 'Complete
the merge' only ONE envelope is shown and then I click the link 'print' only
ONE is printed out not the other 105. This is despite being able to see all
105 earlier in the process at Step 5 of 6.

2) I can find no option to suppress blank lines. Is it that Word 2007 is
inferior to Word 2003 in this aspect or have I missed something.

Many thanks,



I was just working on merging to labels this morning and one thing I
discovered is that you have to select update labels after you enter your
merge fields into the first record

Noel S Pamfree

Thanks for that.

Although it's different for envelopes I have discovered that if, at step 6
of 6, you choose the ' Edit individual envelopes', keep 'All' in the
dialogue box that opens and OK , then the Page 1 of 1 that appears at the
bottom left of the screen increases rapidly to produce a document with all
the envelopes in.

I also found that the second time I did this the blank lines were
suppressed. Perhaps Microsoft fixed the line-suppers bug in the mean time?


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