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Hello anyone, I have recently done a lawn care contract database with pricing
included. When I mail merged to my contract document in word, the numbers
from excel did NOT transpose the same. In the excell column, I do have it
marked currency with a dollar sign and two number after the decimal. However
when merged something like $45.00 only showed up as 45 and numbers that
should have rounded like $47.1287 showed this way with no dollar sign but
showed all the numbers instead of two past the decimal. $45.50 would show up
45.5 ......any help out there on this situation. Can 't get the dollar
sign to show even though coded that way in excel and and can't get a zero to
show up unless between two whole numbers and the decimal does not always show



Gord Dibben

Mailmerge does not recognise Excel formatting, just the real data.

You can convert the data in Excel to text values before merging.

See David McRitchie's site for how-to's

Or Formatting can done at the Word end by formatting the fields the Excel
data is dropped into.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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