mail merge issue for office 2004 for Mac


I cannot create more then 16 word letters when trying to merge excel fields
into a word letter. In the first 16 documents, the info merged is perfect
but on multiple occasions (with different info being merged), the merger
stopped after the 16th document. Any suggestions?

Kevin B

On the Word side, when you tell Word to merge to a new document have you
limited the merge to records 1 through 16?

Thanks, Kevin...

I have "All" selected under merge. However, this is the dialogue box that
comes up during the merge process (it has happened on evry merge I have done):

Record 16 does not have the same number of fields as the first row in (the
data sorce). Ensure that all records have the dame number of fields.

The do have the same number of fields... it makes no sense...

Any suggestions?

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