Mail Merge in Excel




Can someone help me in creating a macro in excel for composing an email
using a standard template?

The template given below is saved in my hard disk drive. I want to use this
template to send email to different customers with different card numbers and
balance amount.

Subject : Thanks for being a ABC PlC customer

Dear <Title> <Surname>

Thank you for your enquiry. <I am sorry for the delay.>

Your credit card number <000000000> has a <debit/credit > balance of
<$xx.xx> as on <DD> <Month> <YYYY>.

Please pay now.


What i am looking for is -

1. I should open just excel, fill <Title>, <Surname>, card number<00000000>,
<Debit/Credit>,amt <$xx.xx>,<DD>,<Month>,<YYYY>
2. Then click on a command button 'Create Mail'. This button should be coded
to automatically pick the template from my hard drive and compose the email
with the above field information.
3. The composed email should be opened in outlook, ready to be sent. I just
need to fill the email address of the customer.

Thanks a lot in advance
Waiting for the response


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