Mail Merge and Powerpoint - There's always a way


Greg Glynn

Powerpoint Mail Merge
If your looking for a way to create Powerpoint slides from a text
(txt) file, I'm developing a macro to do it.
I'm directing a performance of "HMS Pinafore" and want to project the
lyrics of the songs on a screen for the Audience.

Create your Data File using Notepad and save it. Save it and change
the "Lyric =" line in the macro to your file name

The macro creates as many slides as there are lines in the data file.

Sub PPT_MailMerge()
' Macro Author: Greg Glynn

Dim Lyric As Variant

Lyric = "H:\HMS Pinafore\HMS Pinafore - Sober Men.txt"

Open Lyric For Input As #1

Do While Not EOF(1)

Frame = Frame + 1

ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.Shapes("Rectangle 2").Select
(Start:=1, Length:=0).Select
With ActiveWindow.Selection.TextRange
Line Input #1, SlideText
.Text = SlideText
With .Font
.Name = "Franklin Gothic Book"
.Size = 24
.Bold = msoFalse
.Italic = msoFalse
.Underline = msoFalse
.Shadow = msoFalse
.Emboss = msoFalse
.BaselineOffset = 0
.AutoRotateNumbers = msoFalse
.Color.SchemeColor = ppBackground
End With
End With


Close #1

End Sub




I would like to create PPT slides from an Excel file, 1 slide per line /
rcord, so the columns go into specific boxes in the powerpoint, so I can
separate data from layout, and still completely change the layout when the
info is final.
any idea how I can adapt the below to do this?

many thanks

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