macs and outlook 2001



We have Macs in our division and recently they upgraded to a new Exchange
server software.
Outlook works fine UNTIL you change your password.... New company policy has
made us change out passwords every 45 days... or more.. no problem but this
new exchange has this NTML version 2 authenication... so version 9.0 software
is totally useless after we change our password... to make a long story
short. we can't upgrade to OS X without spending hundreds of thousands of
dollars in updating specialized equipment . Is Microsoft or anbody else
making e-mail client program that works with this Exchange NTML V. 2
authenication? Webmail is very limited in what it does... take a look at it
for yourself... cant email or dowload attachments with size (3mb) without
problems... no global address... and so on...




Can you explain the situation to the admin and have
him/her tuck all the MAC users away in an OU that doesn't
have the password policy tied to it? I bet he/she might if
you assured him/her that you would have a nice complex
password that you promised not to jot down on a post it
and stick it to your monitor. Yes under the keyboard or
mousepad is a no no too. :p

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