macros with a macro



I have a macro which runs 2 other macros. The first macro creates an email
(SendObject action) and requires input from the user. The second macro opens
a form for the user to enter a quarter/year query parameter and then runs a
series of TransferSpreadsheet actions which exports data (from queries) to
spreadsheets on a network drive.

My question/problem is that the when the main macro is activated the form
for the
quarter/year query parameter opens for a while, then closes, and then the
email form opens for user input, and then the form opens again waiting for
user input. How do I prevent the form from displaying until the after the
email is sent. It appears to be checking all the actions before actually
running the actions.

The macros all work and do what is required, it is just the intiall opening
and closing of the form before the the first action of opening the email for
input that is annoying and unexplained.

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